Tree of Life Egyptian Papyrus

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Papyrus Description

Papyrus is the world’s first paper. This is real papyrus and is made from the inner fibers of the papyrus water plant that grows along the banks of the Nile River and in the swamps of the Nile Delta. Papyrus documents have been discovered that date back to 3000 BC or older. Unless papyrus paper is dried for at least 200 years, it cannot be written upon. So, this papyrus is at least 200 years old. All inks and paints are natural. The gold color is real melted gold and the silver color is real melted silver or platinum. The ink and paints that are used are made from natural sources like bark, seed, flower and plant extractions, and crushed and powdered stone and clay. Although “tourist papyrus” is readily available from “roadside” tourist vendors in Egypt; it is not real papyrus. This “tourist papyrus” is made from pressed palm leaves or banana leaves and banana peel. These will disintegrate over a three- or four-year period. Real papyrus, like this one, will hold its allure, brilliance and color for thousands of years.

Tree of Life

This papyrus, according to the 1st century Egyptian Christians, represents the Tree of Life, first explained to the 1st century Egyptians by St. Mark, the first disciple of Jesus to evangelize Egypt. The pear tree represents Jesus. The fruit of the pear tree represents life through Jesus. Sitting in the tree are five birds that represent love and peace (bird with two extended wings), prosperity, forgiveness, security, and eternal life.
All of these are possible with and through Jesus Christ only.