eBook Life of Jesus: True Greatness by Dr. Ron Charles

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DR. RON CHARLES HAS GATHERED INFORMATION outside the Bible manuscripts which helps to bring alive certain stories in the Holy Cannon. These particular discourses in Matthew 17 are brought into the focus of everyday living so as to make us feel a real part of what is going on. From the healing of the “moon-child” or epileptic to the “fish” who paid the temple tax for Jesus and Peter to the story of how to measure greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven…we must come as a “down-syndrome” or TA child to make heaven our home.

The down-syndrome or Mongoloid child has some of the most wonderful characteristics of human personality…they are “color-blind” to other humans, they only remember negative comments about 45 minutes or less, and have a sweetness beyond all other children or adults.

Jesus exemplified this trait of character as true greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven…and this can only be accomplished through relationship with our Father, made possible only by the blood of the Lamb, God’s only begotten Son.