eBook Life of Jesus: Slightly Hidden Truths Vol. 1 by Dr. Ron Charles

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Using ancient historical records that confirms the truth of the Gospels, this book traces the missing early years of Jesus life: His birth, King Herod’s slaughter of the innocents, the search by the wisemen, His royal linage, and the flight to Egypt.


Tacitus the elder recorded that when Quirinus was governor of Syria and Herod was king of Judea, a caravan of more than 800-1,000 laden camels arrived from an eastern confederacy of 13 kingdoms, uninvited; in Jerusalem searching for a king whom they claimed was born in Judea, whose birth had been announced by the tumult of the stars. They reported that among the great and the wise of the East, there was a persuasion that in the great and ancient books of their priesthood and holy men, it was written that at this precise time, the East should become mighty, and that those issuing from Judea of Syria should rule the world. Herod, fearful that his dominion would become a battleground between Rome and this confederacy, received them with caution. In Rome’s Senate, fear spread like wind-blown fire. The greatest kingdoms of the East had united and had invaded the kingdom of Rome. The Roman Senate did not trust Herod; nor did any of Rome’s administrative potentates. They feared that Herod’s unpredictable and erratically uncontrollable brutality would instigate war between the two greatest powers on earth.