eBook Life of Jesus: Riding the Wave of Popularity

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ONCE AGAIN Dr. Ron Charles has produced the most amazing background materials from his indefatigable research…truly these Bible stories and parables take on a life of their own never before known.

Did you know that Jesus spent much of His time ministering to the Romans? Did you know at the paralytic being lowered from the roof was a Roman senator of the highest rank?

You will be left in awe at the reason behind the “man with the withered arm…an unbelievable story of human and religious cruelty. And the “widow of Nain”? An incredible miracle of restoring her son, who had an embalming that will leave you breathless, and perhaps dead for as many as 40 days. But, even more than the miracle was the circumstances surrounding this Roman funeral.

John the Baptist’s beheading, and the circumstances involved in this sensuous immoral act, will touch the heart of any believer with a renewed disgust for the Satan induced lewdness of the unregenerate heart and mind.

This is another great book which you will not be able to set aside until you finish.