eBook Life of Jesus: Rendering to Caesar by Dr. Ron Charles

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TIBERIUS’ DREAM – The Theophus

Jesus answered them in a completely different frame of reference with which they had approached him saying “Render to Caesar…” or in other words, “Submit to Caesar what is expected, on behalf of his obligation to you, or budget for services rendered. In addition, submit to God what is expected, on behalf of His obligation to you.” Jesus’ answer was masterful for it afforded no reason for added Roman suspicion or animosity, and offered no ammunition that his adversaries could use against him. He so disarmed his agitators that they had no response.

They all walked away amazed and left him alone. Never again did these four—the chief priests, the Jerusalem Shammaite Pharisees, the scribes, and the Herodians—cooperate together in an effort to trap Jesus. In fact, this was the last involvement against Jesus by any of the Herodians for they were more than satisfied with Jesus’ answer. He not only refused to pass judgment upon either Caesar or Rome by condemning the pax Edictum Augustus “poll tax,” but he showed that both God’s institution and government could and should exist simultaneously. Both are needed and necessary. Nothing more was needed for the Herodians to be convinced that Jesus was indeed The Theophus of Tiberius.